Frequently Asked Questions

E-farms is a mobile/web based agricultural platform that aggregates funding from agricultural enthusiasts passionate about investing in the agricultural sector, uses this funds to finance active small-holder farmers with expertise in different value chains, and shares the profit with the investors and farmers. We also run a farmer’s academy which trains and funds Nigerian graduates intending to get into agriculture, but lacking the requisite skills and funds to do so.

The agricultural sector of Sub-Saharan Africa has several challenges top of which is paucity in farm financing and market access for traceable produce. Our future-centric technology platform, E-farms is positioned to transform the entire Africa into the hub that feeds the world by matching active small holder farmers and would-be farmers, with the finance and skills to practice sustainable agriculture; bringing together different interest groups whose interests are aligned, from farm-investors who want some return on investment, active small holder farmers who want to expand their farm holdings but can't access timely farm financing, produce offtakers and exporters who source quality traceable produce, and potential graduate farmers passionate about agriculture but with neither the skills nor funds to do so. The happiness that resonates among all stakeholders when they pull together is because together everyone achieves more.
E-farms runs a ‘Harambee’ model. Harambee is a Swahilli word which means ‘pull together’. E-farms presents a preselect list of farms comprising of different crops and animals, chosen with careful consideration to demand, yield, Return of Investment (ROI), and Tenure of investment. These are divided into sub-units corresponding to minimum investments for each farm. Thus, a maize farm may consist of 100 acres of sub-farms, which may be in different locations and all farms are insured. At E-farms, we bring together investments from agriculture enthusiasts who have some funds to invest in the agricultural sector. These funds are used to finance farm clusters in different value chains. To participate, a potential farm-investor would go through our platform, browse through all the farms with their corresponding GPS Coordinates, ROI, Expected Yield, Tenure of Investment displayed, read the FAQs, ask questions; then register, and select for funding the farm of their choice. During the tenure of investment, the farm-investor gets bi-monthly (twice a month) feedback in the form of videos, pictures, and texts; and can book onsite farm visit if he so chooses. At the end of the investment tenure, the Farm-Investor gets back his initial capital and his returns on investment varying for different crops and different tenures. For further details explore our farms. 
The process of investment is carried out online through our website and Investment opportunity is open to both individuals and corporate organizations, Nigerians living in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, as well as non-Nigerians. It doesn’t matter if you are in a paid employment, or self-employed; as long as you are passionate about the agricultural sector or have some investible funds, you are highly eligible!
Each of our farm projects has a cost-effective cost structure, and you can invest as much as you are able to in the selected farm project. You can invest in two or more farms, whether for the same farm, or a combination of farms. Explore our farms to see in detail how our farms are structured.
Each of our farms has its own timeline, and as such different contract period.  Explore our farms  to see the different durations for each farm.
How much you make is dependent on the farm project you invest in. This is because different farm projects have different Return on Investment (ROI), Contract Period, and Investment Cost. The investor gets back his investment plus an ROI commensurate to the farm project he bought into. Explore our farms for further details
Each of our farm projects has a minimum investment amount. To see the minimal amounts for each farm project, explore our farms.
We let the investor determine his own investment ceiling, provided they are a combination of farm projects!
E-farms manages the different farm projects on behalf of all the investors; ensuring that agricultural best practices is followed, for optimal yield.
We make money, when you make money! We share in the percentage of the profit, after our investors and farmers have taken theirs.
To guarantee the safety of every investor’s funds, all farm projects would be insured. We run a tripled layer investment protection – agricultural insurance, investment insurance and physical insurance.
Everyone, from every country of the world is eligible to invest. Our platform offers an ease of payment online for the selected farm project.
Yes, after a complete registration, an email containing the MOU is sent for the purpose of establishing an agreement.
Both the initial capital invested and the ROI are duly sent directly to the submitted account details of the Farm investor.
For the purpose of ease, payments are made through an online transfer from any part of the world.
E-farms Farmer’s Academy is an agri-learning program that offers graduates and youths agri-training in the chosen value chains they are passionate about, as a means to create income for themselves through agriculture. It’s simply a learn2earn Initiative.
Our training is structured into two; in-class and onsite; which provide trainees with practical hands-on approach to learning agriculture.
Accepted students of E-farms Farmers Academy pay a one-time fee of Seventy-Five Thousand Naira only. This entitles them to accommodation, lunch, certificate, and the possibility of starting their own farms by joining one of our own farm clusters.
Every trainee who successfully graduates by completing both the in-class and onsite training receives a certificate.
The training duration is 3 months – one month in-class, and two months onsite training.
At the moment, we cover the Cassava, Maize, Pineapple, Soya Bean, Tomatoes, Vegetable, Fish, Poultry, and Apiculture value chains.
An Active farmer is a small holder farmer who is currently actively farming on either crop or animal husbandry on his/her owned farm land or on a leased land.
An active farmer who registers with us must have a cluster of 10-20 farmers who are coordinated by him and an agreement is signed between E-farms and the farmers.
A Produce buyer/offtaker is one who buys farm produce in medium or large quantities
A Produce buyer registers on the site and inputs the produce of interest and the quantity required to be purchased.
mail us at [email protected] and we will respond promptly