Together everyone achieves more

E-farms (reg. as FoodBank Ltd) is positioned to transform Sub-Saharan Africa into the hub that feeds the world by providing financial linkage between Farm-investors and small holder farmers; and empowering passionate youths with the practical skills and knowledge in building sustainable agribusinesses. The happiness that resonates among all stakeholders when they pull together is because 'together everyone achieves more'.

What We're About

We don't believe in just doing something, we believe in doing something really relevant

Crowd Sourcing Investments

You'll be surprised how a little from a lot of people quickly becomes alot

Empowering Farmers

What's cooler than a farmer? A farmer with the right tools and know-how

Relevant Agri-Training

A Farmer's Academy for graduates and youths that compounds years of learning & practice in a few months

Why we're about it

Our motivation shows our passion

Promising Investment

Providing investors passionate about the agricultural sector, but without the skills and/or the time required to effectively manage a farm with viable investment options with ROIs ranging from 15-35% and investment cycles ranging from 6 months to 18 Months.


Providing farmers, especially graduate farmers with a platform that empowers them; through E-Farms Farmers Academy, training on agricultural best practices, quality inputs, fund raising methods to start their own farms and much more.

High Quality Produce

To provide processors and produce offtakers with a reliable source of high quality traceable produce through increased quantity of traceable produce from the application of best farming practices.

Food Security

To strengthen food security in Sub-Saharan Africa by expanding the amount of arable land that is sustainably deployed.



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