The eFarms Model

The agricultural sector of Sub-Saharan Africa has several challenges top of which is lack of farm financing and market access for traceable produce.

Our future-centric technology platform, efarms is positioned to transform the entire Africa into the hub that feeds the world by matching active
farmers and would be farmers, with the skills and finance to practice sustainable agriculture; bringing together different interest groups whose
interests are aligned, from agro-investors who want some return on investment, produce buyers and exporters who source traceable produce,
farmers who want to expand their farm holdings but can't access farm financing, and potential graduate farmers passionate about farming but with neither the skills nor funds to do so.

The happiness that resonates among all stakeholders when they pull together is because together everyone achieves more.

Why are we doing this?

Our motivation shows our passion


To provide farmers, especially graduate farmers with a platform that empowers them;
through trainings on agricultural best practices, quality inputs, and funding, to start their own farms.

Food Security

To strengthen food security in Sub-Saharan Africa by expanding the amount of arable land that is sustainably deployed.

Increased Quantity of Traceable Produce

Existing farmers can expand their farm operations with a resulting increase in income

High Quality Produce

To provide processors and produce buyers with a reliable source of high quality traceable produce.

Promising Investment

To provide would be investors passionate about the agricultural sector, but without the skills and/or the time required to effectively manage a farm with viable investment options with ROIs ranging from 15-30% and investment cycles ranging from 6 months to 18 Months.

Expert Training

Regardless of the level of skill, we take you higher

How does it work

eFarms is a revolutionary digital agriculture model deployed to tackle the problems of paucity in funding for agriculture,
food insecurity and underutilization of abundant arable land, increasing youth unemployment, and difficulty in accessing a
consistent supply of high quality traceable produce that has bedeviled Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic landscape. By leveraging
on pools of investment from investors passionate about the agricultural sector, but lacking the skills and time to execute
effectively, and making same available to farmers, both active farmers, as well as potential graduate farmers, and connecting
this to buyers of produce, we provide a sustainable solution to these problems.

efarms presents a preselect list of farms comprising of different crops and animals, chosen with careful consideration to demand,
yield, Return of Investment (ROI), and Tenure of investment. These are divided into sub units corresponding to minimum investments
for each farm. Thus, a maize farm may consist of 100 Acres of sub-farms, which may be in different locations. All farms are insured.
To participate, a potential agro-investor would go through our platform, browse through all the farms with their corresponding GPS
Coordinates, ROI, Expected Yield, Tenure of Investment displayed, read the FAQs, ask questions; then they would register, and select
for funding the farm of their type. During the tenure of investment, the agro-investor gets bi-weekly feedback in the form of videos,
pictures, texts, and can even book onsite farm visit if he chooses. At the end of the investment tenure, the Agro-Investor gets back
his initial deposit and splits the profit with the farmer and efarms, with the return on investment varying for different crops and
different tenures. For further details explore our farms.

When a participant registers as either an active farmer, or graduate farmer, they are screened; only qualified farmers can
participate or be on-boarded. Active farmers are assessed for crops they have experience growing, a feasibility study on the
suitability of land they use for selected crop would be evaluated, and if matching, the farmer’s operation is funded. For the
graduate farmers, they can only be on-boarded at the end of their training on crops selected. The funding of farmers comes in the
form of provision of inputs needed for the quantity of crops chosen, and monthly stipends agreed upon. This measure is to ensure that
funds are used for agreed upon purpose, as well as uniformity of produce, as the same seedlings would be provided to all farmers.

The active learner chooses what crop to follow and is able to learn across all our media platforms. He may later decide to begin
his own farm, or work with us. The produce buyer also registers and keeps track of our produce; the harvest time with the view to
buying them once they are ready.

Farm Current Statistics>> Number of arable land cultivated: 22, Number of farmers onboard: 19, Numbers of active learners: 9, Number of Farmers Academy graduands: 1, Investment raised till date: 5